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Embroidered Seder Set - Versace Design

UPC 805600741199
Color: Gold
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Created of exclusive and high-quality fabrics, and sewn with superior stitching, your Passover Seder table will be set in style with this classically designed Seder kit.

Keeping this set clean is simple! No worries regarding grape juice spills and the like. Machine-washable, leatherette material can be wiped down for clean results.

Pristine luxury design meets practicality, these sets are a true win!

This high-quality Pesach set includes a matzah cover, a pillowcase cover, an afikomen bag, as well as a coordinating towel.

  • Dimensions: Afikoman Bag: 11" x 11" Pillow Case 26" x 19.5" Matzah Cover 19.3" Towel 27"  x 13.6"
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